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Slipper Hand Painted and Signed by Ernie Brown 1997
2013 Club Commemorative Mary Gregory Bell Set


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Welcome to the National Westmoreland Glass Collectors Club

In 1889 a group of men founded a company not knowing whether it would survive or be just another investment gone sour. Today we know that company, which produced it's wonderful glass for nearly 100 years, as Westmoreland Glass Company of Grapeville, Pennsylvania. Just imagine how proud those men would feel if they were with us now. Those men didn't just start a company. They touched all of our lives by giving us the beautiful handmade glassware we all collect and cherish.

On October 7, 1969 a group of Westmoreland Glass collectors gathered and founded what is now the National Westmoreland Glass Collectors Club. The main goal of the NWGCC is to enrich and preserve the history and glass of that company through a bi-monthly newsletter and meeting where members can share information. By expanding our knowledge and educating all those who are interested we will be able to keep Westmoreland Glass alive through our collections and in our hearts. We invite you to join us in continuing where the founders of that company left off.

The mission of the National Westmoreland Glass Collectors Club is to promote the appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of Westmoreland glass and to continue the preservation of this important part of American history.

Please see our Membership and Convention information.

News / Updates

    For 2018, we have gone back to a version of the Club Mascot, our favorite bulldog.  See Commemoratives for complete detailsLIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE.
  • [04-24-2018] 2018 NWGCC SHOW AND CONVENTION
    The 2018 Convention will be held Friday, June 8th and Saturday, June 9th, 2018 at the Westmoreland County Community College, 145 Pavilion Lane, Youngwood, PA 1...
  • [06-14-2016] Westmoreland Glass Society Annual Convention 2018
    The Westmoreland Glass Society will hold its annual convention in South Bend, Indiana, on August 24 and 25, 2018, at the Microtel Inn.  The hotel is locate...

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