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2005 Slipper
Bull Dog HP by Ernie Brown 2008


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   Mayflower Lamp
   Wild Flower and Lace
   Votive Crystal Mist with Decoration 32
   Thousand Eye
   Star Lite With China Rose Decal
   Ruby Snowflower
   Pheasant Candle Holder
   Owl Candle Lamp
   Hurricane Lamp
   Mint Green with Bird 1 and Milk Glass Mother of Pearl Base
   Milk Glass with Bubbles Bunny and Blue Mist Base
   Crystal Mist with Girl and Flowers
   Lamp with Clown 3
   Ruby with Ruby Floral Design
   Crystal with Hand Painted Yellow Rose 2
   Crystal Mist with Hand Painted Rose
   Mayflower Oil Lamp
   Electric Hurricane Lite
   Yellow Hand Painted PK Roses
   Ruby with Hand Painted Ruby Floral
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