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Slipper Hand Painted and Signed by Ernie Brown 1997
Limited Edition Bulldog Doorstop


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Slipper H.P. Signed, Numbered, & Dated 2002

Slipper H.P. Signed, Numbered, & Dated 2002   
Slipper hand painted with Tiger Lily by L. Plues (Louise Plues) who was a former decorator for Westmoreland and passed awy in 2002 when these were painted. These are signed, numbered, and dated the year 2002. The reverse side of the slipper shows a small tiger lily bud, and there is gold stitching around the top edge. The blank used to produce this piece was done by a third-party glass company using an original Westmoreland mould.  $15.00 plus $4.95 (shipping & handling) Limited supply, order while quantities last!  

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