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1929 Catalog Reprint
2013 Club Commemorative Mary Gregory Bell Set


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Please be specific as to: 1) Which commemorative you are interested. 2) Which color or painted design. 3) How many you would like to purchase. Payment must be received before order is shipped.

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Slipper H.P. with Holly
Slipper H.P. with Roses & Bow
Crystal Mist Penguin
Westmoreland Factory
Painted Penguin
Slipper H.P. Signed and Dated 1997
Slipper H.P. Signed, Numbered, & Dated 2002
Signed Mother-0f-Pearl Heart Box
Mary Gregory decorated Victorian Trinket Box
Victorian Trinket Box
Hand Painted Egg Trinket Box
Signed Egg Trinket Box
2005 Slipper
2006 Dog Commemerative
2006 Owl Commemerative
2006 Rabbit Commemerative
Slipper H.P. By L. Plues 1999
1929 Catalog Reprint
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